Welcome to the blog, where we explore the delicious world of tea, including the fresh blends we offer in our monthly subscription box. This is a great place for tea lovers and tea subscribers alike to find tricks, tips and inspiration for the best brew.

The Magic of Matcha

Find out what matcha is, how to make the perfect cup, and the magic behind this popular drink. This month we sent out a package of Minty Matcha for all our teabox subscribers. If you’re new to matcha, don’t worry! In this article we’ll fill you in on everything you...

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The Irish Breakfast Tea Story

Irish Breakfast is a black tea blend, made from Assam leaves which are named after the region in India where they’re grown. These leaves have a malty flavour and give Irish Breakfast a reddish color, and a flavour that is stronger than that of the English Breakfast blend.

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How to Sweeten Your Tea

Learn how to sweeten your tea with everything from natural sweeteners to sugar crystals, and how to pair your steeps with the sweeteners that enhance them the best.

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7 Summer Ways to Enjoy Your Tea

Read these diverse ways to sip, slurp, and even eat your tea as the perfect summer refreshment. With hundreds of thousands of blends, the diversity of flavours in tea knows no bounds. But tea diversity doesn’t have to stop there. There are so many different uses for...

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5 Creative Activities to Enjoy with a Cup of Tea

We’re all about taking tea to the next level, so that when you sip a cup of our tea the experience goes beyond the flavours and aroma to something that puts a smile on your face. Tea is so much more than just a source of caffeine or a beverage to warm you up. With...

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In Her Honour – Mary Jane

We are thrilled to announce the winner of our In Her Honour contest: Mary Jane Rossi! Mary Jane was nominated by her son, Renato, who describes her as selfless, strong, and exemplary. After working as an elementary school teacher and principal for 35 years, Mary Jane...

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