Welcome to the blog, where we explore the delicious world of tea, including the fresh blends we offer in our monthly subscription box. This is a great place for tea lovers and tea subscribers alike to find tricks, tips and inspiration for the best brew.

Eco Friendly Ideas for Your Used Tea

At we’re about keeping our tea Green, capital G! From selecting responsible providers to using biodegradable materials, we’re always looking for ways to best protect and preserve our planet, while providing you with our delicious steeps! In addition to our...

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Featured Tea: Cherries & Hearts

Each month, subscribers to receive 3 fresh, exciting blends of loose leaf tea, delivered right to their mailbox. Perfect for February, this blend is a festive celebration of sweet, sweet love. Here the bright flavour of cherry marries a delicate infusion...

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Host a Virtual Tea Party

Hosting a virtual tea party is easier than you might think, and to make it even easier we’ve made this simple how-to guide with explanations and links to all the necessary tools!

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Jasmine Wheel

Otherwise known as Jasmine Bai Mu Dan, these curious and intricate creations bring a beguiling aroma, and provide a fascinating steeping experience.

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A Mindful Approach to Tea

From Alisa, Curator of Tea Happiness at In recent years in my life, I have followed a personal curiosity regarding mindfulness and meditation practices. And you know what I’ve discovered? Tea can be a great aid for that! When I say “mindfulness practice,”...

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How To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Tea

  We put a lot of craftsmanship into our tea blends, but brewing them is as much of a science as it is an art. The correct leaf cut, water temperature, and steep time all make the tea's flavour and aroma more enjoyable.  Don't worry, we'll discuss each of these,...

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