5 Creative Activities to Enjoy with a Cup of Tea

We’re all about taking tea to the next level, so that when you sip a cup of our tea the experience goes beyond the flavours and aroma to something that puts a smile on your face.

Tea is so much more than just a source of caffeine or a beverage to warm you up. With thousands of different flavours and varieties, tea can inspire your imagination, motivate a moment of showing yourself some love, be an excuse to have a chat, and lots more! 

To be honest, we all probably expected to be able to resume our “normal way of doing things” by now. Having the possibility to go see a movie or take a dance class may still be on hold for the moment, but there are plenty of ways to explore and enjoy yourself in the now!

We’ve come up with some fun and interesting activi-TEAS  to switch things up while you sip your steeps and help unleash your creativity! Each of these activities is inspired by blends from some of our past boxes which are available in our online shop, exclusively for our teabox subscribers. 




Cherries and Hearts

This green tea blend marries the bright flavour of cherries with a delicate infusion of rose petals and Sencha, topped with sweet little heart sprinkles. 

(10 minute activity)




If you follow us on Instagram or are signed up for our newsletter, then you know that we’re big on being present in the moment and taking time to smell the roses.

For this activity, you’ll need

  • an all-essential cuppa tea
  • a paper or journal to write in
  • a pen or pencil
  • a fairly quiet place to get comfy in.



Keeping things simply beautiful, this activity is all about getting in touch with what makes your heart feel full. Gratitude is good to practice at all times of the year, and can help change an ordeal into an adventure by putting your focus on the good that’s present in your life. Let this activity take you on an inward journey as you ask yourself “what in my life makes my heart feel full?” then write those things down.

They could be things as simple as enjoying a delicious cup from myteabox.ca  or as complex as being proud of yourself for making it through this last year. Try to find at least 10 things, then go over each of them, letting your heart overflow with gratitude for these good and beautiful parts of your life. 

Coconut Vacation

Enjoy a beach getaway right in your teacup, with the sumptuous coconut and pineapple flavours of this all-fruit tea. Blend chilled with a few coconut milk ice-cubes, then top with a cocktail umbrella to fully step into an imagination-vacation!

(30 to 60 minute activity) 




But why stop there?

Taking a leisure trip may still be on hold for the moment, but that’s no reason not to dream big!

Why not plan it all out so that when the day comes, all that’s left to do is pack a suitcase and hop on a plane (or train, if that’s your jam). This activity gets you one step closer to making your dream vacation come true.



So however you like to plan, if it be with a notebook, vision board, tablet, or all of the above, grab it and let’s get started! Here is a basic guide of important things to nail down. 


  • Destination Location (country(ies), town(s)
  • Travel Method (plane, train, boat) 
  • Hotel, Hut or Rented Home? 
  • 2-3 Must-Do Attractions 
  • Something Tasty to Try (local flavour) 

After you’ve discovered these, go nuts! Follow your heart and reach for the skies! You may or may not end up in the clouds, but at least you’ll be ready if you ever get the chance. 

As L.M. Montgomery wrote in Anne of Green Gables, “looking forward to things is half the pleasure of them.” 

English Garden

Step into a beautiful garden at the turn from Spring to Summer, filled with the aroma of roses that folds into the fragrance of lavender. Piquant with berries and mellow with the smooth base of rooibos, this steep invites you to a relaxing afternoon garden tea in the sun.

(15 to 30 minute activity)




We’re taking it on the road with this activity.

You’ll need

  • either a thermos or water bottle (depending on if you want to enjoy your tea warm or iced)
  • something you can take pictures with

While you get a breath of fresh air and sip on some tea and sunshine, let your inner photographer come alive.


Take 3-5 pictures of what Spring means to you. This is your moment to notice and appreciate the thousands of mini miracles of this season. 

    Post them in a multi-picture post on Instagram or Facebook before June 20, and tag us @myteabox.ca for a chance to win a free box of our premium, loose leaf tea! 

    Farmer’s Market Kettle Corn

    From a collection of high grown Ceylon black teas is this embodiment of your yummiest, favourite, Farmer’s Market find. Experience all the toasty goodness and flavour (and not the calories!) with this hand-packaged, full-bodied blend. 

    (30 to 60+ minute activity)




    This is the moment to awaken your creativity!

    Expression through creation can be liberating, healing and inspiring. 

    For this activity, you are going to decide your own unique channel of expression.

    Brew yourself a blend that gets your energy juices flowing, then find something accessibly creatable to you. 


    Commit to feeling every moment of your creation. Throw away the instructions and let your inspiration take over, no matter what the end result may look like! 


    Some possible creation ideas could be cooking, writing a poem, baking, painting, making a flower crown, homemade soap, birthday cards, or some type of decoration for your home, etc.

    The idea here is to allow yourself total creative freedom with zero judgement. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the getting there! 

    Kiss Me Goodnight

    Bringing your day to a close with hope for the new day of tomorrow, this herbal infusion of chamomile and valerian root is a perfect tuck-you-in. Sip some “nighty’ night and sweet dreams” from this blend to fully relax into rest.  

    (5 minute activity)




    Drifting into the restful deep sleep we all need after a long day is easier said than done sometimes.

    All you need for this activity is

    • a calming, caffeine-free cup of tea
    • your own freshly cleaned face and hands
    • (option to use a few drops of massage oil or lavender essential oil).



    Our minds are constantly taking cues from our faces. Did you know that fake smiling and laughing causes your brain to release the same “feel good” endorphins as when you’re smiling and laughing for real?

    Have you ever heard a sports instructor tell you to smile in the middle of a workout when you feel like you’re about to die? The reason for that is if your face is saying “I got this,” then your mind is more likely to feel that way.

    So, here’s a how-to-guide for a gentle face massage you can treat yourself to whenever you need to get into a calming down for sleep head space. Feel free to follow this self-facial-massage with a gentle meditation for maximum relaxation.

    • Start by rubbing your hands together vigorously until you feel they’ve created a bit of heat (about 10-15 seconds), then immediately place the palms of hands on your closed eyelids for about 10 seconds or however long feels good to you.
    • Next, bring your fingertips to the point in between your eyebrows and gently sweep them upwards on your forehead then out and down to the outer edge of your eyebrows. Repeat 10 times, or however many times feels good to you.
    • Place the fingers from each hand on both sides of your nose, then gently sweep them down and over your inner cheeks, continuing around the mouth and down to the sides of the chin. Repeat 10 times, or however many times feels good to you.
    • Bring your fingers to the center of each cheek, then keeping them in place with a soft pressure, draw circles in an upward-outward motion. Repeat 10 times, or however many times feels good to you.


    • To complete this massage, bring your fingertips to the center of your chin, then gently pull them back towards your ears, keeping your jaw and tongue completely relaxed. Repeat 10 times, or however many  times feels good to you. 



    We hope these steeps and activi-TEAs inspire you! We’d love to know which of these activities and/or blends you enjoyed most. Please let us know in the comments below, or contact us via email at hello@myteabox.ca 

    You can sign up for your myteabox.ca experience here!  



    Here’s to staying active, being creative, and keeping your kettles singing! 

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