7 Virtual Activities for Enjoying the Holidays with Your Loved Ones

Beat physical distancing and try these fun activities, adapted for sharing holiday cheer with those you love via video calling!


“Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most.”

-Ruth Carter Stapleson 

2021 holiday celebrations will once again, likely be far from traditional for many of us. But that’s no reason to miss out on sharing holiday cheer with those you love. Thanks to modern technology, we can continue to make memories and share special moments virtually. 

Video calling is easy, and can be done free of charge via Facebook messenger, Skype, Zoom, and more! Why not take advantage of the virtual opportunity to connect, and let your holiday festivities be evolved?

We’ve come up with some great festiviteas for the holidays that you can safely enjoy with your loved ones while social-distancing. And because we’re all about everything fun and tea, we’ve specially curated Frosted Sugar Plum, a black tea blend sent out in December’s teabox. This medium-caffeinated blend is filled with apple pieces, cinnamon, clove and more, to fuel your holiday fun making.

Tis’ the Season to be Jolly


What better way to get the Christmas spirit rolling than with some games? No matter where this holiday finds you, here are some great games to make memories and share a laugh with those you love!


Two Truths and a lie 

This game is a great way to deepen your knowledge of those you play it with while sharing a cup of cheer!

– For this game, all players will need a medium sized tea cup/mug full of delicious loose-leaf tea (or any beverage of your choice).

– Each player takes a turn telling two things about themselves that are true, and one thing that is a lie (without hinting to which are true or false).

– They then ask all the other players which one they think is the lie. Everyone who is right gets to take a sip.

– The last person to finish their cup is the loser (and has to buy the winners a subscription to myteabox.ca ).


All the wiggling and hands mimics that come with playing this game are sure to keep you giggling!

– You’ll need 1) a space where you can set up your video-capturing device so that your body is visible, 2) a timer, and 3) your imagination!

– Think of an animal or object (like a teapot, a strainer, a cat, etc.), and without making any noise, act out the object/animal you’ve chosen.

– Each person has 1 minute per turn. If someone guesses your object/animal before the 60 seconds are up, you receive 1 point.

– After each person has taken 10 turns, the person with the most points is the winner! 

Read My Lips 

For this game, you can set a holiday vibe by choosing a theme like lines from Christmas movies, or lyrics from Christmas songs.

– Each player takes a turn turning off their mic to say their chosen sentence (be sure to say which movie/song you’re quoting).

– After each turn, the player reactivates their mic to ask the others what they think was said. 

Hologramed for the holidays 

Okay… maybe not hologramed, but video calls are the next best thing! Share your warm home atmosphere and traditions of the holidays with these ideas for connecting.

That’s a wrap! 

Why not show off your wrapping skills and have a time where you can wrap presents “together” while video calling? This is a great chance to catch up on everyone’s Christmas lists, and share one of those classic Christmas season moments.  

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Silver and Gold 

Set up a special time to give tours of all the holiday decorations you and your loved ones have put up! Start with the entryway, then go room by room, where each person (youngest to oldest) gives a virtual tour of their festive decorations. For a big finale, end in the living room with the Christmas tree! 

Memory Lane 

Whether you prefer a warm mug of delicious tea, or a thick cup of eggnog, grab your favourite drink, find your comfiest chair, and launch a video call to reminesce on favourite memories of Christmases past, letting them come alive to warm your hearts once more.


We hope these ideas inspire you to share a cup of cheer and let your holiday spirit come alive! 

Wishing you a very, merry Christmas! 

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