Eco Friendly Ideas for Your Used Tea

At we’re about keeping our tea Green, capital G! From selecting responsible providers to using biodegradable materials, we’re always looking for ways to best protect and preserve our planet, while providing you with our delicious steeps! In addition to our tea being naturally sourced, our sources are carbon negative. We partner with a collective that conserves a farm of 15,000 newly planted trees! 

We’re all in this together. That’s why we’d like to invite you to join us in working towards a more clean tomorrow, by repurposing and reusing your used tea leaves! Here are a few practical and accessible ways to do that.


Steep, sip, smile, re-steep!

One of the best things about loose leaf tea is its ability to give and keep giving. A teaspoon of loose leaf tea can be re-steeped to give you multiple cups of delicious enjoyment! Each re-steeping takes on its own character and flavour profile. So the next time you enjoy a creamy Earl Grey or a sweet Sencha (featured in February’s teabox), just remember, the last sip is not the last! Hold on to your used leaves, and try them for another steeping (or two!).

Relieve sunburn and bug bites  

In tea there are magic little things called tanninsBlack tea in particular has an especially high amount of these. Tannins work to not only soothe the itchiness of a bite and the hurt from a burn, but bonus, they also promote healing! 

Once your tea leaves have cooled down, you can apply them directly to bug bites or minimal burns. Leave the used tea leaves in a sealed container in your fridge for a bit to provide enhanced relief.

Out with the funky, in with the fragrant 

Tea leaves can act as a natural deodorizer! In certain places in China, launderers even wash their sheets with it, to leave them smelling fresh and naturally perfumed. The next time you’re trying to get the smell of garlic or onions off your hands, try rubbing them with some used tea leaves. The great thing about this trick is that it works with redried leaves as well as wet leaves, so there’s always the option of keeping a jar around as an instant deodorizer. Sprinkling dried tea leaves in your kitty’s litter can also help to keep odours to a minimum!  

Lay the used tea leaves out to dry. You can speed up this process, by placing them in your oven, once you’ve turned it off after cooking dinner. Once they’re dry, put them into a cloth sack. Then place that wherever you wish to deodorize or add a natural perfume. A green tea that has been fragranced with jasmine flowers works especially well for this!


Feed your green companions

Used tea leaves can be great for giving your plants an extra nutrient boost! Most house and garden plants will appreciate a little tea fertilization. For this trick you can generally use all types of tea, but some plants have particular preferences. To learn more about using tea & tea leaves to feed your growing greenery, click here to find out which teas will make the best fertilizers.


Soak yourself for a change  

Love to relax in a big bath which is beautifully perfumed? Easy! Just put your most aromatic used tea leaves in your bath water to add a delicious treat for your sense of smell! Make sure to keep your tea leaves contained though (like in a closed strainer or reusable tea-bag) so that they don’t find their way into your drain. Then ease yourself into a relaxing, luxurious moment.

Do you have any favourite ways you repurpose your used tea? Let us know in the comments! Here’s to keeping our tea GREEN!


Happy steeping! 

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