Host a Virtual Tea Party

From High Tea in Buckingham Palace, to mother-daughter springtime celebrations, to a toddler’s spree attended by stuffed animals — Tea Parties are arguably the most classic celebration of all time.

Marrying the old and the new, we’re hoping to inspire you to host your own celebration as a virtual experience! It’s easier than you might think, and to make it even easier we’ve made this simple how-to guide with fun tips and easy links to all the necessary tools!

Select Your Style

Thinking fancy hats and dainty gloves? Maybe you prefer a more laid back style with warm sweaters and bluejeans? The lovely thing about tea parties is they can be whatever you want them to be!

When choosing the style for your tea party, two things to think about are what to wear and what to eat. Even though your guests will be at a distance, there’s no reason they can’t join in the fun of dressing for the occasion and preparing their own yummy snacks. And of course, everyone gets to steep their favourite tea and talk about it!

We were thrilled to include Elegant Affair in October’s teabox, as a special inspiration for all our subscribers. It’s a tea-party-perfect blend, with a rich bold flavour and the exquisite sophistication of blue cornflower petals and rose petals.

Set Up the Virtual

Of course, having a platform for video calls is essential for hosting a virtual party. We recommend Skype for video calls between multiple partners, because it’s completely free, and your guests can use it without needing to download a thing!

Here’s an article to help you set up a link to share with those you’re inviting to your virtual tea party:

Host a video meeting with no sign ups or downloads


Send Invitations

What better way to invite someone to a virtual party than with an evite? Here’s a great website where you can easily create or customize your own free evite!

We went ahead and did some looking around, and found our favourite template. All you need to do is make some simple customizations. Also, be sure to drop a hint to whichever style you’ve decided on!

Under Location Name, simply paste the Skype link that you created for your video meeting.

Shape Memories

All that’s left is the fun of anticipation and making your own tea party memories!

If games are your idea of a good time, here’s a great list of virtual games to inspire your memory making.

We hope you have a lovely time savouring sips and shaping virtual memories!

Cheers to you and your communiTEA!

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