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Here at, curating and sending tea happiness is what we do  We send out three delicious tea blends each month. Subscribers will receive blends made from black, green, oolong, white, rooibos, fruit, and herbal varieties. They all come with individual steeping instructions, so that tea lovers can enjoy them the right way. You’ll find that the monthly surprise is what makes the experience so enjoyable! 



What About Customization?

One question we hear from time to time is if we can customize for a particular recipient. Because of how we curate, blend, and send our teas, we can’t customize orders. We do offer variety in each box, but we keep the experience consistent for our subscribers across the continent. 

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Keeping the Tea Subscriptions Affordable

Every fifth of the month, we ship three handmade tea blends to tea lovers across North America. Many subscribers send the boxes as a gift, so we’ve made it our mission to keep the shipping free. This helps keep the price of a yearly subscription as low as possible. It’s also how we can include an adorable heart-shaped steeper in every first shipment!

Yes, We Do Gift Subscriptions!

We love it when people sign up to give a subscription as a gift. With three new teas delivered each month, these original experiences happen again and again. Each package comes with enough loose tea for ten cups, so if you’re lucky, the gift recipient might steep a cup of their favourite one for you! 

To purchase a gift subscription, select the payment frequency you prefer (month-by-month, every three months, every six months, or once a year), then select the “this is a gift” checkbox on the checkout page. You can also choose to have the subscription payment auto-renew or not.

We will ask for the gift recipient’s name, and you will have the opportunity to leave a gift message. This message will be printed onto a little card that is included in their first teabox. You can also choose to enter the gift recipient’s email address: we only use this to send a shipping notification to the recipient on the day of shipping.


A Note on Shipping

Keep in mind that we send out our teaboxes once a month, typically on the first of the month (in the case of weekends or holidays, we ship the next business day). All the teaboxes leave All the teaboxes leave our haven of tea happiness in London, Ontario as Canada Post oversize lettermail. These means that they are slim enough to fit into most mailboxes!

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We do ship all across Canada and the United States, and shipping times vary. Canada Post estimates that typically, a destination within Ontario can take four business days, whereas further distances can take up to ten business days. (Update: please note that shipping times have been slowed during the Covid-19 pandemic). 


What About Allergens?

We designed the experience to make tea adventurous, fun, and accessible to everyone! The delicious loose leaf blends in every box are made using all sorts of wonderful ingredients. In curation process, the optimal blends can get their flavours and aromas from some rather unusual ingredients. Some of these blends can include nuts, dairy, eggs, or wheat.

Our subscription box model means we can’t customize an order to remove allergens for specific customers. However, we do include a detailed list on the package of every ingredient in the blend. If you have allergies, check the ingredients to ensure that nothing in the tea will trigger an allergic response.

Something for Everyone

A lot of time and care goes into each blend. Coming up with something unique isn’t exactly easy, but it is worth every bit of the effort! It makes us happy knowing that tea fans of all stripes will take part in this experience, whether they’re a consummate sommelier or just need a good cup to relax at the end of the day.

Happy Steeping! 

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