Seize the day. Drink amazing tea.

Listen to some of the great contemplatives, and you’ll hear that leading a happy, inspiring life involves a certain ability to take joy in the simple things. Colour, sound, warmth, sunshine, beauty…

Here’s the interesting thing: it takes a moment. Actually, it takes being in a moment. To honestly smell the roses, you do have to first stop … Take a pause, breathe, and with the delight of your senses, seize the day.

That’s what excites us most at You see, a cup of tea is not merely a cup of tea. It’s a moment relished. We believe that by delivering amazing loose leaf tea, we are really helping you take a moment to experience the delightful.

And we know it’s in the simple things: the aroma that greets you when you first open the tea package, the colours of the leaves (and flowers or fruit pieces or nuts or whatever may be in a particular blend), the delicate swirl of the water as the steeping begins, the moment of anticipation while the infusion is forming, and of course, the flavour that dances on your tongue from the first sip to the last.

That’s why we’re thrilled to offer our amazing tea subscription box. We have taken great care to assemble the components of a delightful experience, starting with the moment you receive the box in your mail. And with three new teas delivered each month, it’s an experience you can repeat over and over again: never exactly the same, but always beautiful.

After all, who doesn’t need more relished moments?  ♥

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