THIS CHANGE IS BIG! (Twice as big as before, actually)

We are super excited to share this news. It’s like party central around here. Turn up that music…

Our teaboxes got a makeover.

We know, they were pretty lovable before, but they just got even better.


For one thing, the boxes are a little bit cuter (well, we think so).


For two things, they’re easier to open, with a new easy-tab tear-strip design (thanks to our friends at Packaging Logistics).


For thing three… and this is the REALLY big one…

They now contain double (yes, double!!) the amount of tea! That’s right. Still three fresh blends of amazing loose leaf tea, only now twice as much!

We are over the moon to offer these improvements, at no additional per-month cost. Our current subscribers received the first of the now-more-awesome teaboxes this month.

Speaking of which, did we mention, we love our subscribers?! They’re amazing. They each deserve the best quality tea experience we can deliver.

Until next time… Happy Steeping! ♥

Curious about our teaboxes? We got some info for ya right here.

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